Remarketing & Retargeting Services

Remarketing services can help you reclaim lost revenue through highly targeted, continuous ad exposure after users leave your website.

Put your advertisements in front of users who leave your website and keep showing to each user for up to 90 days.

Your ads could come up when the user is on Facebook, checking the weather, or reading the news.

Remarketing ads typically convert much higher than regular text and display ads.

My Remarketing Process

My Remarketing/Retargeting Process will bring customers back to your website so they can complete their purchases (e-commerce) or book your services (service-based businesses)

Phase 1 - Discovery

I will conduct competitive research, get to know your business, and understand your goals in order to develop an effective remarketing strategy

Client Meeting

I will schedule a phone meeting with you to discuss your goals and get a full understanding of your business. During the meeting, I will get the information required to develop a highly-focused remarketing strategy. Some of the topics covered in the meeting will be:

  • Location targeting
  • Types of Users to Target
  • Campaign Goals
  • Campaign Budget
  • Business history
  • Key selling points
  • Brand representation in advertising

Remarketing Ads Audit

If you are already running a remarketing campaign, I will review your accounts for the creatives used, targeting, tracking, and spend in order to optimize the setup of your new campaigns.

Audience Retargeting & User Research

I will study your current traffic and determine the best user segmentation to setup in order to optimize the remarketing campaigns from the beginning.

Competitive Analysis

I will observe your competitors’ remarketing tactics and determine how I can build better ads for you.

Phase 2 - Strategy

I will develop a custom strategy for your remarketing campaigns based on your goals and the research conducted in Phase 1

Remarketing Strategy

I will build a custom Remarketing strategy based on your business goals which could include choosing the best ad platforms for your goals (AdRoll, AdWords, Facebook, etc) the creation of new creative display advertisements, user segmentation and targeting, analytics setup, and conversion tracking.


I will work with you to set attainable goals for your Remarketing advertising campaigns and set future meetings to discuss the success of the campaigns. Goals could include increases in website conversion rates, revenue/sales goals, conversion goals, or branding targets.

Phase 3 - Build

I will build your campaigns based on your goals, the research conducted in Phase 1, and the strategy created in Phase 2

Remarketing Campaign Build

I will setup your Remarketing campaigns using the research and targeting set out in Phase 1 and the strategy in Phase 2. Some of the settings built out in this phase include:

  • Ad creation
  • User targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Device Targeting (mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets)
  • Bid settings
  • Landing page optimization
  • Analytics setup
  • Conversion tracking
  • Phone call tracking (if applicable)
  • Ad A/B Split Testing

Phase 4 - Optimize

I will closely monitor your campaigns and make adjustments on a regular basis to continuously improve

Continuous Optimization

On a regular basis I will make adjustments to bids and targeting. On a monthly basis I will create fresh ads based on the results of continuous testing.

Phase 5 - Reporting & Analysis

I will send you monthly performance reports with detailed analyses that will allow me to make campaign changes to consistently improve

Monthly Reporting

My monthly reports include details of advertising spend, cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), number of clicks and click through rate (CTR), and number of leads/sales your ad campaigns generated. We also include detailed analyses that provide you with actionable information that will help improve your campaign performance.

Remarketing Cost Structure

My Remarketing/Retargeting cost structure can vary widely depending on the goal of your campaign. In addition to ad spend and the cost of running your ads, there is always a one-time campaign setup fee that is based on the size and complexity of your campaign. Please contact me for rates and further cost information.

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