PPC Management Services

Drive Targeted Traffic and Start Bringing in Leads and Sales Quickly through Bing and AdWords PPC Management.

Get your business in front of people looking for exactly what you are selling.

The pay per click management model means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Traffic is highly qualified to make a purchase.

 As a pay per click expert I am always optimizing your ad campaigns, consistently bringing you more traffic for less, and always striving to increase your revenue.

My PPC Management Process

My PPC Management Process is designed to accomplish your goals and start bringing you leads as quickly and efficiently as possible

Phase 1 - Discovery

As an AdWords Certified Professional Consultant I will conduct research, learn about your business, and understand your goals in order to develop an effective PPC strategy

Client Meeting

I will book a phone consultation with you to discuss your business goals. During the meeting, I will get to know you and your team and get a complete understanding of your business so that I can develop the most effective strategy possible. Some of the topics covered in the meeting will be:

  • Geographic targeting
  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Business history
  • Key selling points
  • Most profitable products/services
  • Brand representation in advertising

PPC Audit

The PPC Audit only takes place if you have pre-existing PPC campaigns that were set up prior to working with me. During the audit I will determine your campaigns’ strengths and weaknesses and report my findings to you.

Keyword Research

If you need a brand new campaign or if you already have existing PPC campaigns, I always conduct keyword research. For new accounts, my keyword research will determine what types of phrases I will target in order to bring you the most relevant traffic. For clients with existing accounts, my keyword research will help me to determine the potential effectiveness of your existing keyword targeting and will allow me to make changes where necessary.

Competitive Analysis

All clients will also have a thorough competitive analysis conducted. My competitive analysis allows me to understand the competitive landscape that I will be working in and will help me to strategize methods that will help us beat out your competition.

Phase 2 - Strategy

I will develop a custom strategy for your PPC campaigns based on your business goals and the research conducted in Phase 1


I will build a custom strategy based on your business goals which could include paid search, display advertising, Google and Bing Shopping ads, remarketing, and/or video advertising.


I will work with you to set attainable goals for your PPC campaigns and set future meetings to discuss the success of our campaigns. Goals could include increases in ROI, leads/sales, impressions, clicks or could be campaign metric based such as click through rate (CTR) improvements.

Phase 3 - Build

I will build out your campaigns based on your goals, the research conducted in Phase 1, and the strategy created in Phase 2

AdWords and/or Bing Campaign Build

I will setup your PPC campaigns using the keywords and targeting set out in Phase 1. Some of the settings built out in this phase include:

  • Keyword match-type targeting
  • Campaign and Ad Group theme creation
  • Geographic and device targeting
  • Ad creation
  • Bid structure
  • Ad extensions
  • Analytics setup
  • Conversion tracking
  • Phone call tracking (if applicable)
  • Google My Business integration (if applicable)

Phase 4 - Optimize

I will closely monitor your campaigns and make adjustments on a regular basis to continuously improve

Continuous Optimization

On a daily or bi-daily basis I will be making adjustments to bids, account structure, and advertisements. I will always be conducting A/B split tests in order to find new ads and bids that will help your campaign achieve its goals.

Phase 5 - Reporting & Analysis

I will send you monthly performance reports with detailed analyses that will allow me to make campaign changes to consistently improve

Monthly Reporting

My monthly reports include details of ad spend, cost per click (CPC), and number of leads/sales your ad campaigns generated. I also include detailed analyses that provide you with actionable information that will help improve your campaign performance.

PPC Management Cost Structure

My PPC monthly management cost structure is based on a minimum ad spend of $2,000 per month and does not include the cost of setting up your campaigns. Campaign setup is a on-time fee that is based on the size and complexity of your campaign.

Please contact me for my cost structure and a free quote.

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